Young Grandmas

Tasteful Nudes
Release Date: Jan 03, 2014
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An In The Fishtank-style Crap-Art experiment conducted by Dave MH and photographer Alana J on January 3, 2014. They wrote and recorded this EP in about six hours, including a short break for lunch. In case you were wondering, they ate veggie burgers on homemade bread.

Alana J: beats, vocals, synths, recorder, twinkly bits, tambourine.
Dave MH: beats, vocals, synths, recorder, electric bass, guitars, organ.

Cover photo taken after hours at Mai’s restaurant by Alana J sometime in 2012.

Track Listing
  1. Fantasy For Two Recorders
  2. Weekend After Xmas Cardboard Situation/Space DJ
  3. The Rabbitskin Peddler
  4. What It’s Like 2B Ur GF
  5. Situations In Which You Are There With Tim
  6. Au Revoir, Tasteful Nudes