The Starry Tides / Dax Norman

So Strange
Release Date: Jan 06, 2011
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When Austin-based animator Dax Norman made a rad music video for an unfinished TST demo, we rushed to put it out as a digital single. Comes with two short films by Dax (the surreal CG animated music video for the A-side, and “Argyle Kabuki”), TST’s first EP, One Lit Window, as bonus tracks, and an external download link for PSTST ( ZIP), a 5-track roundup of all officially released, TST-produced remixes and compilation tracks. After all the additions, we could’ve called this so-called ‘single’ “The Starry Tides: Complete Works”. RER was hard at work on Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to the Swirlies at the time, so this came out on “Tex-O-X”, a fictitious sub-imprint.

Track Listing
  1. I Didn’t Know You Were So Strange
  2. Argyle Kabuki
Bonus Tracks: “One Lit Window” EP (2006)
  1. Seaport Town
  2. Heavy News
  3. Don’t Be A Stranger
  4. Three Point Turn (Mono Version)
  5. Cold Valves (For Kazu and Alain)
  6. Passing On The Stairs
  7. Noticeably Ill (feat. Mark Carpenter)
Hidden Tracks: “PSTST” (2016)
  1. The Starry Tides – “His Life Of Academic Freedom” (Swirlies cover)
  2. Bjorn & Gorden – “II (The Starry Tides remix)”
  3. The Starry Tides vs. On Holiday: “Tabernacle (for Yma Sumac)”
  4. The Starry Tides: “Bruxists Revolt”
  5. Bang Bang Shoot Shoot – “The High Seas (TST’s Dream Pop Chapel Version)”
Video Content
  1. Dax Norman: “I Didn’t Know You Were So Strange” (music video)
  2. Dax Norman: “Argyle Kabuki” (animated short)