The Moth Pan / elevator to the stars

Split CDr
Release Date: Feb 03, 2002
(Out of Print)

Lo-fi musings from film and music collaborators J and D. 17 tracks recorded over two years in two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an abandoned coffee shop. The initial copy of the old RER site described it thusly: “Central L.A. neighbors The Moth Pan and elevator to the stars join forces on a monstrous 17 track split. Grab a mug of cider, take off your shoes and let the tape hiss consume you.”

Post-script: This release was intially called “One Lit Window”. By the time RER switched from being a CD-r label to a netlabel in 2006, elevator to the stars had taken on a new moniker (The Starry Tides) and we re-released some of the elevator tracks plus one TST track from 2002 (“Seaport Town”) as a netaudio EP called One Lit Window. The Moth Pan chose to leave their half of this split OOP so they could eventually re-release it themselves as part of their still-unfinished album, A Landscape of Good Manners.

Track Listing
  1. turn that dirt (live in a living room)
  2. a marriage of convenience
  3. star-crossed milk dream
  4. drizzle
  5. ink is poison/the welldigger
  6. star-crossed milk dream (instr.)
  7. new orphan/dear tape hiss
  8. passing on the stairs (original)
  9. edelweiss
  10. don’t be a stranger
  11. sun in a bowl
  12. untitled #295
  13. shaken (by heavy news)
  14. open heart examination
  15. three point turn (mono version)
  16. drag me down like a blanket from the sky
  17. how to fall asleep