Striped Shirt Math Team

Academic Excellence
Release Date: Jul 01, 2001
(Out of Print)

A 21-track, lo-fidelity epic. A near complete collection of early demos from Striped Shirt Math Team paired with Mixed Tidings, A bonus EP of questionable tiny music from SSMT’s alter-egos, The Magic of Christmas (recorded in approximately 15 minutes), and “Music for a Slow Motion Knife Fight”, an MoX track featuring Louis Allred & The Tarik Booker Gospel Choir that also appears on The Satellite Show’s “Consumer Product” CD. AC also included two versions of SSMT’s cover of Pavement’s “Shady Lane”, but since I no longer have a copy we can’t remember where it appeared in the running order. Released Summer 2001.

In retrospect, I have no idea why, way back in 2001, we decided to call a collection of 21 songs an “EP”. That’s ridiculous. This was and is an albumSome of my fondest college memories involve this band. Over a decade later, Mark is still my favorite lyricist I’ve worked with. This was music for the sake of music and we had fun with it.

Track Listing
  1. three note dirge (for casiotone)
  2. we poured our tears into a goblet (and drank them down until our bellies burst into a thousand sparkling diamonds)
  3. offkey?perfect
  4. kim gordon chinese food express
  5. stars on tv
  6. cape cod
  7. spooky6pkidpusher/yr ahn
  8. he never told us the end
  9. get down party for the crater children
  10. jacob’s story
  11. perculations
  12. wishing tooth
  13. noticeably ill
  14. company car (first verse)
  15. synth pop (bonus noise)
  16. jed
  17. dream convo
  18. aris
  19. mark (i’m eating your bread)
  20. birthday postcard (for Anne-Marie)
  21. music for a slow motion knife fight