rer08 V/A - "Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to the Swirlies"

Various Artists

Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to The Swirlies
Release Date: Apr 08, 2012
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Reverse Engine, Mi Abuela Es Jazzista, and Soundz From Nowhere bring you an epic, double-disc tribute to lo-fi/experimental pop greats the Swirlies. 28 bands from 8 countries and 3 continents cover their favorite Swirlies tunes. With animated intro ( MOV) by Dax Norman and Dave MH, and beautiful, handmade fanzine ( PDF) assembled by the MAEJ crew. The image on the front and back cover is of young man by the name of Jonas Gatewood holding his painfully charming Etch-a-Sketch drawing of an ostrich (the Swirlies’ official unofficial spirit animal).

Track Listing
  1. La Jecca: “French Intro”
  2. Ghost Society: “Jeremy Parker”
  3. The Hamiltones: “Sleepytime”
  4. Sun Glitters: “The Vehicle Is Invisible”
  5. Piyama Party: “Dolphins Dance With Our Music”
  6. Moogle Charm: “Chris R.”
  7. Tender Frame: “You Can’t Be Told It, You Must Behold It”
  8. The Harvey Girls: “Vigilant Always”
  9. Cardinal Family Singers: “One Light Flashing”
  10. Tiger MCs: “Two Girls Kissing”
  11. mijo feo: “Sterling Moss”
  12. kasparhauser: “Sounds of Sebring”
  13. Paul Cogle: “Pancake”
  14. Surefire Broadcast: “Pony”
  15. The Starry Tides: “His Life Of Academic Freedom”
  16. Nolan Smock & The Charming Youngsters: “The Vehicle Is Invisible”
  17. The Nib Heck Peck Reps: “Every Single Day”
  18. The Evolutionists: “Wait 4Ever”
  19. Cinemascope: “No Identifier”
  20. Liz Larson: “Keep Their Eyes On Me”
  21. Bullpen Catcher: “Jack Buckey’s Theme”
  22. The John-Ikes: “Sarah Sitting”
  23. Presley: “Tall Ships”
  24. Greasy Beardo: “Sterling Moss”
  25. And Academy: “Tree Chopped Down”
  26. Gods And Queens: “Sea Wolf (feat. Sir Ryan Goodman)”
  27. Så Småningom: “Moonie Rox”
  28. mijo feo: “Her Life Of Academic Freedom”
  29. Prison Or The Moon: “Didn’t Understand”
  30. La Jecca: “French Outro”
  1. Handmade & scanned Swirlies fanzine by Mi Abuela Es Jazzista (PDF)
  2. Sneaky Flute Moods animated intro by Dax Norman & Dave MH (MOV)