Various Artists

Release Date: May 20, 2011
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A non-RER release organized by Dave MH. Contributors to the “Artsongs” compilation were invited to submit a song “inspired by an artist or work of art,” and were free to interpret that theme as broadly as they liked. For the full experience, visit Artsongs.org. Each song has a page and information about its specific inspiration.

Track Listing
  1. Jim Long: “There Were Some Famous Artists”
  2. Men of Kent: “Our Modest Exhumations”
  3. Danny Cohen: “Magritte”
  4. A Faulty Chromosome: “This Is Far From A Belle Epoque”
  5. Sean Hayes: “Alabama Chicken”
  6. Bart Davenport: “Art Thieves”
  7. Mist and Mast: “Eyes Adjust to the Dark”
  8. Chris Stroffolino: “Hello World, Hello Morning, Hello Cop”
  9. Sonoi: “Richard Pryor”
  10. David Copenhafer: “Fan Letter”
  11. midori hirano: “Fragment”
  12. Kill Me Tomorrow: “Attendance”
  13. Pacta: “Salix”
  14. Spy Over There: “The Ocean”
  15. Mark S. Johnson:”Art Artillery”
  16. Top Critters: “Phoebe Yoshiko”
  17. Makunouchi Bento: “Visiting Mr. Geffle”
  18. Sonny Smith: “Mondrian (by Jim Long)”