Various Artists

A Little Bedroom Rawkenroll
Release Date: Apr 03, 2001
(Out of Print)

rer01A limited edition CD-R that compiled much of the Reverse Engine collective’s musical output up until that time. It included 30-40 tracks–a slew of One-Eyed Spaceboy tracks including selections from two EPs on Mark Carpenter’s Digital Softcore Records (“Pencil Test” and “Portrait Of A Sonic Embryo”)–and early material from elevator to the stars, Striped Shirt Math Team and The Moth Pan, as well as one-shots from Posthumous and The Alienated Roommates. Very few copies were made and the track listing varied from copy to copy. Each copy contained either slides or color copies of slides taken by Jed Johnson. A highly condensed version reappeared in August 2006, paired with a reissue of Deafwing’s cassette-only noise rock epic, All Night Entertainment District, as RER04 V/A – Pencil Test: An RER Pre-History (1998-2001), which is now deleted.

Track Listing
rer04Pencil Test Condensed Reissue Version (2006)
  1. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “Perculations (Of A Diseased Imagination)”
  2. The Moth Pan: “Turn That Dirt (Jed Johnson harmonica outtake)”
  3. Striped Shirt Math Team: “Cape Cod (edit)”
  4. Posthumous: “Four Strings To Heaven”
  5. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “Damien Thorne (edit)”
  6. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “Don’t F-ck Around”
  7. Deafwing: “All-Night Entertainment District”
  8. The Alienated Roomates: “Eat, Goat, Fa”
Original Issue Version (2001)
  1. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “Damien Thorne”
  2. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “don’t f*ck around”
  3. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “47 second dog and xylophone blues” [feat. The Fabulous Lee Bros.]
  4. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “minor strep [aka home recording is a bore]””
  5. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “the ike gilbert field recording project”
  6. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “perculations” [feat. Mark C. on samples and altoid slide]
  7. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “three point turn (vocal snip)”
  8. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “three point turn (mono version)”
  9. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “vapor”
  10. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “right field (1am march 9)”
  11. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “4am feb 11”
  12. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “xylophobe” [“fear of the forest”-ed.]
  13. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “subtle mathematics”
  14. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “an experiment in self-hypnosis”
  15. posthumous : “four strings aka mag lev (short)” [feat. Duane on guitar]
  16. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “letter between friends (short)”
  17. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “crunch tale”
  18. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “little drummer boy”
  19. Striped Shirt Math Team: “cape cod (edit)”
  20. The Moth Pan: “drizzle”
  21. The Moth Pan: “monroe nunley”
  22. The Moth Pan: “turn that dirt”
  23. elevator to the stars: “broken drum”
  24. elevator to the stars: “3am april 21”
  25. elevator to the stars: “highway 101” (feat. Scott Kramer on drums)
  26. elevator to the stars: “drag me down like a blanket from the sky”
  27. elevator to the stars: “edelweiss”
  28. elevator to the stars: “velvet smokestack”
  29. elevator to the stars: “dear tape hiss”
  30. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “kennel district” (rough Pavement cover)
  31. Striped Shirt Math Team: “shady lane” (less rough Pavement cover)
  32. elevator to the stars: “joyzipper smith” [feat. Sarah Ciston on xylophone]
  33. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “white noise”
  34. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “white noise” (SF bathroom demo)
  35. One-Eyed Spaceboy: “feb 16 6pm”