cassette week ’21

picture of the cassette release

“Beatnik confessions! Tape hiss whispers! The low bubbling of thrift store organs! This is the first cassette from visionary Austin-based multi-hyphenate, Dax Norman. Recorded by Dax at home, and released in limited edition physical form for Cassette Week, in partnership with the Reverse Engine netlabel. Fluo green shell tape in transparent neon pink case with album art decal. Super limited first edition of 50!”

Available Oct. 10, for Cassette Week 2021
Order Now, before they run out!

Our third cassette release

2021 Dax Norman: Pictures of Food
2019 Various Artists: This Is Texas Lo-fi (Sold Out)
2019 Dave MH: Garbage Archaeology (Sold Out)

Comes with digital download code

Purchase via Dax’s Bandcamp. All copies come with digital download code.

Hiss included

A bubbly analog experience. Yep, it’s part of the package.