A sleepy, nomadic netlabel, est. 2001 in an apartment in Los Angeles, CA.

RER began as a home recording collective, paired with a primitive website for posting demos. Current location: Houston, TX.

File under: DIY, Crap Art, lo-fianti-folk, post-punkminimal synth, mysterious pseudonyms.

A Few Of Our Releases…


gunctrl: Spare Succulence

March 8, 2016

The sole synth drone/post-rock/lo-fi offering from the legendary, now-disbanded duo of disgruntled former mattress salesmen.


The Strangelet Disasters: Morbid Fascination

December 1, 2015

Seven new recordings from Houston’s own shambolic lo-fi provocateurs, plus a reissue of their explosively nervous debut single.

rer08 V/A - "Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to the Swirlies"

Sneaky Flute Moods: A Tribute to The Swirlies

April 8, 2012

Reverse Engine, Mi Abuela Es Jazzista, and Soundz From Nowhere bring you an epic, double-disc tribute to lo-fi/experimental pop greats the Swirlies.

rer07 Docks - "Ship" EP

Docks: Ship

March 7, 2009

Seven tracks of emotive ambient electronic/post rock with skittering beats and occasional strings, all fed through massive amounts of delay and reverb.

An Abridged History…

Reverse Engine began in 2000 as a collective focused on home recording and super 8 filmmaking. The project morphed into a record label releasing limited edition CD-Rs by 2001. RER embraced Creative Commons licensing with a switch to the netlabel format in 2006.

In 2009, I found a dusty mini-DV tape with an unfinished Reverse Engine documentary from 2001, “Home Recorders’ Hypnosis League”. I’ve added it here for posterity.

— Dave MH, February 25, 2015.